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I am a console Fortnite player, graphics designer, programmer & college student :)

My work

I play PS4. I clapped kids in BO2 & Minecraft, now I clap kids in Fortnite. I have over 300 wins on my main account and play quite a bit. I can destroy PC players in 1v1's, so I consider myself pretty good.



Graphics Design




Literally Me.

Below is literally like my career & gaming story so it's pretty boring.

    Hi, my name is Shane and i'm 15 years old. I'm also a Fortnite player, graphics designer, programmer, athlete, college student & a high school student! Quite a bit for a 15 year old, considering I don't have much time in between what I do. 

    I've always liked art, even as a child, but not physical art. I never liked drawing & painting, it just seemed really boring. When I was 12, I thought of trying graphics design for my Minecraft server and it was really bad, and even though i'm not the best now, I have improved so much from when I started and I plan to improve a lot more in the next few months. I've been working hard on my designs and I have definitely doubled my skill in the last 2 weeks and I have a ton of projects that aren't out yet.

    I'm already taking college classes to do what I want to do, which is become either a computer programmer or a graphics designer, if being a pro player doesn't work (which is my #1 goal). I've played PlayStation all my life and I got my first PS2 when I was only 5 years old. I even first played Minecraft on the PS3 before I got my computer, which can literally barely run Minecraft at 60 FPS. But I spent years on Minecraft anyways. I had over 10 servers with like 100 players and I actually made good money. I also loved Factions & Mineman but I was never really into HCF.